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MERCER CONTROLS is now in the Chlorination Business! For more information, please check out our bulletin. Thanks!






































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In business since 1992, we are no longer a new company.

With years of controls experience and an in-depth understanding of our customer applications, we design and manufacture control products that are both cost-effective and dependable. Our goal is to build trust in our relationship with our customers by focusing on their concerns and reacting in a timely manner to offer solutions that get the job done. This approach has earned us the MANY repeat business partners that we have today. They count on us for our experience and knowledgeable guidance, knowing we will be there for them when called upon. The growth of Mercer Controls in this business is based on these alliances. With the historical successes we have achieved, the momentum for new opportunities in the controls market is building at an exciting pace.





































Control Panels


SCADA Systems

Water Tank Substitution

Flow Meter Calibration

Repair Services

Install/Maintenance of Chlorination System

Water Control Products in TX

Mercer Controls, Inc. has the personnel, the training and the experience to cover many facets of the water and wastewater industry.

Sherrel Mercer, P.E.

The panels at Mercer Controls are designed by S. A. Mercer, P.E., whose years of experience in both electrical controls and utility construction management combine to offer a wealth of knowledge to assist our customers in any applications they may have. No matter the size of the job, his relative insight and experience have enabled development of quality standards for design, component choices, assembly, and functional reliability that insure a high level of customer satisfaction. His team of employees have been well versed to conform to these essential quality guidelines and they take pride in the fact that their work is recognized as such. In February 2004, Mercer Controls became independent of Mercer Construction Company, but the relationship will remain close between the two companies.

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Specializing in:

Quality pump controllers, especially for water and wastewater installations.

Emergency water delivery when elevated storage tanks or hydropneumatic tanks are out of service.

Expert servicing of variable frequency drives, instrumentation, and SCADA/Telemetry systems.

Calibration and repair of flow meters.