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Below you’ll find a more extensive list of descriptions for each of our services here at Mercer Controls. Since we specialize in a number of areas, it’s important for all of our clients to understand what we comprehensively do, in order to determine what is best for their desired set of needs.

Aside from manufacturing the highest quality control panel applications, Mercer Controls offers a complete line of services that accommodate our customers, first and foremost, as loyal clients

If you are in need of a control panel repair, our diagnostic services can quickly assess a prospective set of problems and immediate solutions. In addition, we also offer programming services, SCADA services, flow meters and flow meter calibration. For years, we’ve been heralded as the ultimate source for programmable logic controllers. And yet, while we offer so many services, there is one component that never goes overlooked: You.

As a Mercer Controls customer, you will receive expert diagnosis and installation alongside any purchased equipment. Even more, we offer a lifelong commitment to helping you with any unforeseeable issue. For more information regarding each service in particular, please read the subsequent descriptions:


Professional diagnosis and repair of control panels and associated equipment, including flow meters, recorders, automatic dialers, ultrasonic sensors, fluid level transducers and generators.


Our staff is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to a variety of Programmable Logic Controllers, Variable Frequency Drive Units, Flow Meters, and Level Controllers. If you call or shoot us a quick email, we will happily assist you in establishing operating conditions that meet your specific requirements.

Mercer Control Panel

SCADA – A Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system can benefit customers by allowing them to receive status and alarm notifications from water plants, sewer plants, and lift stations using the latest Telemetry technology. Although plant sites may be located miles away from your location, our SCADA systems will supremely function using no telephone line or hardwired connections. If you have any additional questions regarding this advanced option, please give us a call!

Water tank substitution

Water Tank Substitution

In areas covered by only one water tank, Mercer Controls is able to supply water to your customers without concerning them that the method of regular delivery had changed. With the use of a Variable Frequency Drive sized to match the horsepower of your pumps, we can also take your tank off-line and still provide your customers with the same water pressure to which they are accustomed.

Flow Meter Calibration

Due to the requirements of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC), most flow meters at Wastewater Treatment Plants must be calibrated and certified yearly. We have technicians on staff who are qualified to perform this task.

In addition, our calibration rates are reasonable. For checking and certifying the calibration of a flow meter, please contact us for an exact quote. Although a nominal mileage charge may apply, additional flow meters checked and certified on the same trip will be discounted. As always, if adjustments are necessary, there will be extra charges wherever our specialist sees fit.

VFD & Precision VFD Controllers

A VFD can control the amount of power that a blower or rotor motor uses to supply Dissolved Oxygen to aerate waste water. A PLC interprets received data and then varies the RPM of the motor/s used in order to maintain the desired D.O. reading. The immediate cost savings in energy will be considerable. An added benefit is extension of the life of the motors.

Temporary use of a VFD during a water tank inspection can save having to run a booster pump at full capacity and save a huge electricity waste due to water pressure issuers. To eliminate this waste, a VFD is connected to your existing pump to control the water line pressure by varying the RPM of the pump as needed to maintain a stable pressure.

MERCER CONTROLS Services – Programmable Logic Controllers, Flow Meters, and More!

Not only does Mercer Controls manufacture some of the most sought after control panels in the industry, we also offer a complete line of services to accommodate to our customers. From diagnostic services to control panel repairs, we can help you with just about anything when it pertains to control panel maintenance. We also offer programming services, SCADA services, flow meters and flow meter calibration, and other various control panel services. You will find that Mercer Controls is your number one source for programmable logic controllers.


When water and wastewater industries are looking to save money, the first place they should look is their control panel system. If you are working with an aged control panel that requires frequent maintenance and repair, it may be time to look into upgrading your system. When you purchase a control panel unit through Mercer Controls, you can confidently say that you made a great investment for your business. After your purchase, you can continue to turn to Mercer Controls for all of your diagnostic and repair services. You can also turn to us for information on programmable logic controllers, flow meters, and SCADA services.

Programmable Logic Controllers & Flow Meters in the South Central, TX area

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