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Quality and excellence must be included in the manufacture of electrical controls panels which serve the water and wastewater industry. Installations are often made under the worst possible conditions. But these are the installations on which the public depends in order to assure public health. It is a serious situation when a community has no water or when a failed sewage pump station causes sewage to back up into homes and businesses. When dependability is important, quality counts.

In an effort to provide reliable service, our control panels use tested and proven components and circuitry and can therefore be expected to perform dependably for years. In addition, the panels are designed for ease of service--a key factor in the small towns that are far from metropolitan parts sources.

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Except for modules such as phase failure relays and alternating relays, we do not use printed circuit wiring. We only use domestic, NEMA-rated motor starters, primarily manufactured by Square D. We do not use IEC-rated components for our standard panels because IEC components are not up to our standard of quality. IEC-rated components are not rated with the reserve capacity that keeps NEMA-rated components running for years longer.

Panels built by Mercer Controls include many additional features to further enhance quality and dependability. Our panels use control relays with contacts that are rated for 10 amperes. The relays always include monitor lamps to visually aid in servicing. Wiring is routed through Panduit. All float switch circuitry is operated at 24 volts, which removes electrical shock hazards from lift station wet wells. Inner doors are painted with automotive enamel for a pleasing appearance. All control wires are numbered, and our documentation and labeling are superior.

At Mercer Controls, we think about your needs and we make every effort to meet them with a quality product!












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